Monday, June 3, 2013


Today I shall review the movie Tarzan. If you have not watched Tarzan, you should not read this. Okay I went into the movie thinking it would be some chick flick with monkeys, but the reality is it makes a statement on the world today. We should care for each other like Tarzan and his gorilla mom. The actual story line is pretty cool, too. I like Jane.
These are my thoughts in certain parts of the movie
Aww stupid cheetah/jaguar he is such a jerk
Calla is soooo nice and chertcheck is such a jerk
Woah he's a cutie
Nice moves (during the scene where he saves Jane)
Wow he's really smart
Love is in the air (Jane +Tarzan)
Go chertcheck! Kill 'im
I knew he was trouble the moment he walked in
That traitor! Clayton
Omg that dr. Is hilarious
So emotional!
Don't die
Jane+Tarzan 4 evah

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